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Become A Partner

Altech Networking Solutions is growing and expanding throughout the Southeast of the United States.  Our goal, complete customer satisfaction and support at reasonable prices.  How do we obtain our goal and continue our growth, by partnering with the very best computer and networking businesses, like yours, across the region.  Together, we will become the number one IT solution for medical practices and businesses throughout the Southeast. 

See some of the benefits of becoming a registered partner:

    1)  A reward of $100.00 for every referral that leads to a signed service agreement with Altech Networking Solutions (See Service Agreements).

    2)  Hourly rates paid directly to our partners for all services performed by them and/or their associates upon proof of successful completion of service(s) required (Note:  Payments will only be made upon receipt of signed work orders showing proof of completion).

    3)  Partners have the ability of taking on bigger jobs and responsibilities by joining a team of expert network, hardware, and software professionals which will ultimately increase your business and profits.

    4)  Through our financial relationship with Dell Financial Services, partners can offer their customers direct financing for major network upgrades, installations, training, and licensing.

    5)  As a partner, you become our primary point of contact for all customers you refer and other businesses within your area when technical assistance is needed.  It’s only right to give back to those that helps this team grow.

    6)  And finally, as a partner with Altech Networking Solutions, your company’s reputation within your region will grow tremendously due to the positive feedback that your customers will be sharing with other businesses within your area.

    Ready to become a register partner?  Click Here