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Wayne YatesAAltech Networking Solutions was founded and developed by Wayne Yates, a retired United States Army service member with more then 20 years active duty service including 2 combat deployments.  Wayne has over 25 years of computing and networking experience.  After retiring from the United States Army in 2002, Wayne took his combined military experience, personal education, and knowledge and love for technological advancement to one of the major inland water transportation companies.  After working there for almost 5 years within the technology department, Wayne took a leap of faith, resigned his position, and began a company called, "Hardin County Computer Solutions". Hardin County Computer Solutions was organized and developed to support residential and small business customers in a little community in Hardin County, Kentucky called, "Elizabethtown".  Wayne's number one goal as sole owner of Hardin County Computer Solutions was customer satisfaction at minimum cost.  From its’ beginning in March of 2007 until time of sell in Dec 2012, Hardin County Computer Solutions excelled at providing its’ customers with name brand hardware, software, and networking support at reasonable prices. Still today, Hardin County Computer Solutions' customers continue to shower Wayne with comments of gratitude and praise.  So you ask, if every thing was going so well, why sell?  Wayne’s wife of almost 30 years was given the opportunity of a life time to pursue her dreams, so Wayne sold the company and relocated to Georgia in support of his wife.  After arriving in Georgia, Wayne organized and developed "Altech Networking Solutions".   Altech Networking Solutions is partnering with independent computer repair and networking companies throughout the Southeast assembling an organized infrastructure of certified and highly trained professionals that can be dispatched to any one clients’ location by the execution of an email, text message, or phone call.  By establishing a partnership with these other organizations, each dispatched professional has taken personal ownership of the problem that they are being dispatched to resolve.  Within this type of infrastructure, customer satisfaction is not only the goal of Altech Networking Solutions, but also the individual goal of every organization partnering with Altech Networking Solutions.  Personal ownership to problems promotes quality and dependable resolutions for our customers.  So if you’re a medical facility or practice needing reliable and dependable hardware, software, and networking support, Altech Networking Solutions and our partners are here to server you.  Altech Networking Solutions is well on the way to becoming the most organized resource for technical sales and networking support for medical practices throughout the Southeast of the United States and possibly across the Nation. Our goal is to become number one in the field of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation, integration, network support and security. We want to be your company’s Information Technology (IT) department.   Let us help you achievement your organizational goals while keeping the cost to a minimum. Give us a call today.  We look forward to not only working for you, but with you.  Very best wishes and God Bless.